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          COVID-19 Update:

          8:00 PM

          Pollak Theatre

          Monmouth University Elects New Board Officers, Trustees

          Jul 1, 2020

          May 11
          - Aug 14

          Professional Counseling Home Study Programs Available Online


          Monmouth Poll: COVID Worries Rise Slightly

          Jul 1, 2020

          May 25
          - Jul 31

          Virtual Exhibition – She Persisted: Julia Dzikiewicz

          Monmouth U. Presents Inaugural Music and Arts Festival July 3

          Jun 30, 2020

          Jul 03
          - Aug 31

          Monmouth University Music and Arts Festival 2020

          Jun 26, 2020

          Jul 07

          Virtual Tuesday Night Record Club: Pink Floyd: Wish You Were Here

          7:30 PM

          504 Gateway Time-out

          Jun 24, 2020

          Jul 14

          Virtual Tuesday Night Book Club: Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale

          7:30 PM

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